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Rachel + Brent // Truist Park Elopement – Atlanta, GA

40,000 baseball fans, hugs from strangers, and a win for the home team – things that most people don’t get to experience on their wedding day, but Rachel and Brent had all this and more on their special day that they’ll remember forever! When Rachel called to tell me that she and Brent had gotten approval to get married on the field at Truist Park after a Braves game, I knew this elopement was going to be epic, and let me tell you – it blew any expectations we had out of the water!

From our very first conversation, I could tell that this couple was special. Having met only a year ago, they knew immediately that they were made for each other and they didn’t want to waste any time in starting their life together. I was inspired by their love story as Rachel told me that their serendipitous meeting convinced them both right away that love, fate, and soulmates are real. That kind of connection is truly once-in-a-lifetime, and their love is impossible not to root for! It only takes a minute of being around them to understand what she is talking about, as their love and passion can be felt in even their most basic of interactions, the way they look at each other, laugh together, and the joy you see them finding in each other every second.

Finding happiness in any way they can spend time together, they love last minute adventures, health and fitness (think daily greens and ice baths – an adventure in itself!). They enjoy spending time with family and friends, Rachel’s son, and Brent’s dogs, and after knowing them I can tell that they’re the kind of couple everyone wants to be around! Brent is a passionate baseball fan, and Rachel is quickly learning the rules of the game so she can cheer on their team just as passionately with him. I love how they share each other’s interests, and taking the time to learn about and love your partner’s interests feels like the most pure kind of love!

Knowing they just wanted to start their life together, Rachel and Brent decided they wanted to get married in a way that was truly authentic to them, where they could just experience the joy of being together and finally being husband and wife. In true elopement fashion, they thought of their shared activity they loved – baseball – and decided that the most exciting way to celebrate their marriage was with the Braves…so they asked! The members of Guest Services were so helpful and accommodating in making this happen for them, offering to have their private ceremony right on the field after the game. This was the opportunity of a lifetime and dreams came true that day! When Rachel told me the plan, I couldn’t say yes fast enough – I’ve spent many days and nights at Braves games growing up in Atlanta but have never gotten the opportunity to stand on the field, so this was an extra exciting opportunity for me too. I couldn’t wait to see what the day brought!

The Braves had a packed house that day for their 4:10pm game vs the Nationals, giving Rachel and Brent what I think is a record-breaking attendance record for an elopement 😉 After exploring the Battery and taking some photos around the stadium, they settled into their seats to watch the game. The Braves ended the game with a 6-4 win, and as the team left for the locker room, we headed down the stadium aisle towards the field. They had the sweetest ceremony exchanging vows and rings while gazing into each other’s eyes with a love that was felt by everyone watching. A few spectators had stayed behind in the stadium seats when they realized what was happening, and gave the loudest cheers when the officiant pronounced Brent and Rachel as husband and wife and they finally shared their first kiss as Mr & Mrs. It was such an intimately sweet, yet epically huge moment that I know won’t soon be forgotten!

After their sweet ceremony, we were surprised by being invited back onto the field to take more photos, sit in the dugout, and even play with a game ball – which Brent and Rachel got to keep as a souvenir! Tossing a baseball on Atlanta Braves field isn’t something most people can say they got to do on their wedding day (or ever!)…but it’s an experience they were thrilled to have and something that truly made their day that much more special.

After having the wedding experience of a lifetime in the stadium, we ventured out to the Battery for more celebrations. With Rachel in her beautiful wedding dress and Brent in his striking suit, everyone they passed stopped to congratulate them, sharing hugs, high fives, and excitement over their exciting day. The party was popping in the Battery with a DJ spinning beats worthy of a celebration, so the newlyweds shared their first dance as husband and wife amongst the crowd of fans cheering them on. Having so many people – total strangers – share their excitement for their big moment and helping to make it so memorable is so truly special, and it’s impossible not to feel the hope and love in the air when such a crowd is rooting for you. I can’t imagine a more fun way to start a life together, or a more memorable way to spend a wedding day.

Rachel and Brent’s elopement day is proof that you can – and should – get married absolutely any way you want. The most important thing about the day you say “I do” is starting a life you love with the person you love the most…so why not do that in the most special and meaningful way you can think of?! Rachel and Brent, I’m so glad that you chose to get married in a way that felt so genuinely “you” and that put such big smiles on both your faces. Your joy and love for each other and your life together was felt so deeply that day, and to have such a unique and epic first day as husband and wife…well, I can’t think of many things more special than that! Thank you for trusting me to document this amazing day for you guys – this was a special experience for me too and I’m so thankful I got to spend such an epic day with you two. And big thanks to the Atlanta Braves, Heather Agan and many others at Guest Services, and Brad Jones – VP of Partnerships and Premium Services for making this day so amazing and memorable for this special couple, and for going above and beyond to make it such a magical experience. This day is one we will all be talking about for years to come!

Congratulations, Rachel and Brent! Cheers to your new life together as husband and wife, and to each day together being as special as this one!

June 30, 2023

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    That’s Great !
    Glad it was such a special day !
    We love y’all

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